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When a

simple seduction

proves anything

but simple...

The Carlisles are back…and England will never be the same! Known as the "Scourge of Mayfair," the infamous men enjoy nothing more than having a good time and striking fear into the hearts of marriage-minded mamas. But when these men cross paths with very special women, they've finally met their matches--in more ways than one.  

All's Fair in War...

And Love.

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The Dashing Devils of Wellington’s First Dragoons…A new duke, a rake of the first order, and a spy set on hiding his past have forged a brotherhood while under fire of Napoleon's finest that they never thought would be called upon after they laid down their sabers. However, these three men of the ton will need each other in order navigate the perils of returning home and finding love in the most unexpected places. 

A new revolution

is brewing.

Are you ready to join the fight?


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Welcome to the Armory...A secret organization known as Scepter has infiltrated Regency society and parliament with the intent of overthrowing the monarchy and plunging England into a new civil war. The only thing standing in their way is a group of former soldiers turned lords who call an old renovated armory building their second home. They've returned home from war only to find themselves swept up in a new fight between good and evil. Their country, their lives, and all they love hangs in the balance...

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