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Soldier turned solicitor and lord, Merritt Rivers used to believe in love and happy endings, but since the night he witnessed his fiancé’s murder, he’s dedicated his life to upholding the law. He patrols London’s streets faithfully to stop criminals before they strike. That’s where he finds thief-taker Veronica Chase and is immediately enchanted—she’s smart, beautiful, and a delicious distraction from the ghosts haunting him. She might also be the criminal he’s been looking for…


After confessing to a crime she didn’t commit in order to save her brother, Veronica escaped to London’s underbelly. Now her only chance at avoiding the gallows is to help Merritt track down those responsible for riots breaking out in the city. But when they realize that not even the truth can set Veronica free, Merritt must decide what he’d sacrifice for the woman he can’t live without…


"Harrington’s vivid vision of London reaches from its darkest corners to the glittering halls of the aristocracy, making for an immersive outing. The three-dimensional characters and rich romance will keep Regency fans riveted from the first page."

     ~ Publishers Weekly




"Anna Harrington’s stories always have thoughtful exchanges that move her plots like the pieces of a chessboard; she is always one step ahead of her audience building up the suspense and anticipation. In true Anna Harrington fashion her research was impeccable as it seamlessly blended into a captivating story...Don’t expect a tame walk in the park with the Lords of the Armory; in An Extraordinary Lord, there is danger lurking behind every chapter and a kiss to make it better. Well done, Anna Harrington."

     ~ Jenerated Reviews, 5 Stars

"Merritt and Veronica are enemies and opposites forced into close proximity for a limited time—but it’s to Harrington’s credit that her hero and heroine feel like unique creations with multiple dimensions and original facets… Together, they navigate an interesting blend of rarified spaces and dangerous streets with great banter and excellent physical chemistry wherever they go. But it’s the premise, its rich grounding in history and the palpable suspense that really set An Extraordinary Lord apart."

     ~ BookPage

"OMGoodness! What an exciting, wild ride this was! With non-stop action, engrossing mystery, and fascinating characters you’ll find yourself totally unable to put this book down. Seriously, don’t start reading it in the evening if you need to get up the next morning!"


     ~ Flippin’ Pages Review, 5 Stars


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