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Stephen Crenshaw, Marquess of Dunwich, has never done the expected. Gambling, drinking, scandals, seduction...nothing seemed out of bounds for the young peer in his wild pursuit to prove himself the worst of society and the exact opposite of everything respectable that his family wanted him to be. But four years in the army and ordering the charge that killed his best friend have irreparably changed him. Now he’s returned to England a new man, one set on reclaiming everything he’d lost... including the woman who loved him.



Lady Faith Westover, daughter of the Duke of Strathmore, knows better than anyone the shiftless scoundrel that Stephen had been. After all, he’d broken her heart in a wounding so terrible that it nearly destroyed her. Four years have certainly matured him physically from a boy into a man, but can anything convince her that he’s truly changed into the responsible lord he now proclaims himself to be? When faced with his past as a scoundrel, can Stephen find a way to obtain what his heart desires most—the woman he was never meant to have?









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