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As the second son of the Earl of Spalding, Christopher Carlisle appears content to do nothing more than live out his life in gambling hells, wild parties, and widows’ beds. But Kit’s scapegrace existence hides his true calling—as a secret operative who has dedicated his life to crown and country. When his partner is murdered, nothing will distract him from his pursuit of justice…until he meets Diana Morgan. When he discovers the general’s lovely daughter disguised as a boy in a seedy tavern, he’s thrust into a tangled web of lies and deceit that leaves him wondering if anything is as it seems. Especially Diana.


Diana Morgan will do anything to keep her family safe, including risking her own life. So when her missing brother is accused of treason and murder, she’s forced to make a deal with the devil himself— cooperate with Kit in order to find her brother before the French get to him first. Diana must race to prove her brother’s innocence before Kit can send him to the gallows, but as trust grows between them, so does desire. Soon, secrets are revealed that threaten everything Diana holds most dear, and when their lives are placed in peril, she finds herself desperately wanting the one thing she can never have…Kit’s heart.

Praise for After the Spy Seduces

"After the Spy Seduces was everything I had hoped it would be, likable characters, a strong heroine who doesn’t faint for everything, adventure, and of course espionage and mystery... There have been so many adventures for this family and I have enjoyed them all but to have the Carlisle series wrap up with such a thrilling spy romance was icing on a multi-layered cake." 
     ~ Adria's Romance Reviews

"In this suspenseful, action-packed book filled with mystery, intrigue, and romance we finally get the answer to the mystery that was left hanging in the series The Secret Life of Scoundrels...Nobody in this book is who they appear to be and they are all filled with secrets and agendas. It is fun to figure out who is who and what their agendas are. There is a fun twist at the end and, of course, a lovely HEA. I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I did!" 
     ~ Flippin' Pages, 5 Stars

"Once again a very enjoyable read by Ms Harrington. The storyline flows nicely, the characters are endearing and the intrigue keeps you reading. Highly recommend." 
     ~ Lisa Reads Romance

"An uncommonly steamy connection between Christopher and Diana paired with distinctive dialog kept this couple interesting throughout. Their instinctive insight into each other's true selves was touching to see play out...This story had all the components of a great historical romance. Well researched this work still maintained both adventurous and romantic appeal with its steady flow of action, intrigue and intimate moments...Anna Harrington once again guides another couple to happiness with gentle nudges and loving words."
     ~ Jenerated Reviews, 5 stars

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