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Dominick Mercer, Marquess of Ellsworth, leads a double life. In public, he’s one of the most respected peers in England. But in private, he’s notorious Italian painter Domenico Vincenzo, a man known as well for his scandalous lifestyle as his visionary paintings. He’s determined to paint a masterpiece and put his real name on it, thus freeing him from this dual existence that’s becoming difficult to maintain. The problem? His model is the most unusual woman he’s ever met and the only one fit for his masterpiece. And she’s keeping secrets of her own…


Eve Winslow is determined to live life to its fullest by bouncing from one madcap escapade to another. So when a misunderstanding brings her to Vincenzo’s studio, she simply cannot refuse the adventure of being his model, or his rakish charms. Soon, Eve’s adventure turns into scandal, and the only person who can save her is the man who caused her downfall—the same man who refuses to put anything before his art, including love. 

Praise for What a Lord Wants

"This is another wonderful and unique addition to the Capturing the Carlisles series. The writing is excellent, the plot is excellent, and I loved the characters." 
     ~ Flippin' Pages

"Two amazing main characters, with a story that will leave you wanting more and more....
All in all, this is a great book, with amazing characters. I cannot wait to get my hands on the other books in the series!" 
     ~ Lily's Book World

"Well written and highly involved. Perfect for fans of the genre! I totally loved it..." 

     ~ Plenty Book Reviews- Plenty Book Reviews

"A well-designed romance that will engage readers from the start!...Like the bold brush strokes of the artist portrayed by Anna Harrington in WHAT A LORD WANTS she applied her pen in a similar manner, bringing history and romance to readers in just the right light!" 
     ~ Jenerated Reviews

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