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Mason Granger is a victim of proximity. Although the wealthy businessman spurns all society events, his townhouse sits next to Lord and Lady Whitwell’s, which means he’s caught up in their ball against his will—and with their guests when a little girl sneaks into his rear garden to watch the fireworks…and when her alluring mother Nora chases after.



Emmeline hasn’t spoken a word since the carriage accident that killed her father. Nora would do anything to help her daughter, but all the experts in England haven’t been able to regain her voice. But with the help of his shaggy hound Brutus, Mason does the seemingly impossible of getting Emmeline to speak again—that is, to the dog. Stubbornly, she refuses to speak to anyone else, but Mason is determined to help both her and Nora.


As Mason and Nora help Emmeline find the courage to overcome the past’s tragedies, can they also find the courage to embrace their own future’s happiness?


This novella was originally published in the A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S ROMANCE anthology.


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