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When notorious rake Alexander Sinclair, Earl of St James, is tasked with finding the men behind the attempted assassination of the prime minister, his hunt leads him to proper schoolmistress Olivia Everett—a woman he can never have but can’t stop wanting.



Olivia might look like a demure lady, but she’ll do anything to protect her brother when he’s linked to a revolutionary group planning to overthrow the monarchy. In an effort to clear her brother’s name, she agrees to work with Alec while vowing not to get too close to the infamous charmer. But as he slowly earns her trust, Olivia sees that she might have jumped to more than one conclusion about Alec and his past.


When her brother is kidnapped and Olivia is blackmailed into working with Scepter, she knows Alec is the only one she can count on. But Scepter is close to destroying everything they’ve worked to save, and they’re quickly running out of time…


"Harrington’s alluring characters and their mysterious pasts easily draw readers into the narrative, while the looming threat of Scepter keeps the pages flying. This may be Harrington’s best yet."

     ~ Publishers Weekly, STARRED Review




"Alex and Olivia are as intriguing as the plot they were unwittingly pulled into sharing feisty exchanges and action packed encounters... You would be hard pressed to find a storyteller as talented and entertaining as Anna Harrington in any time frame. A RELENTLESS RAKE brings the past to the present, embracing its readers in a romantic grand adventure impossible not to be caught up in!"

     ~ Jenerated Reviews, 5 Stars




“Harrington's latest installment in the Lords of the Armory series is a wonderful work of Regency romantic suspense with a strong, smart heroine and plenty of steam.
     ~ Booklist


"I absolutely adored both Olivia and Alec and thoroughly believed they were perfect for each other. They both were carrying deep, dark secrets that would only hurt others if they were found out. The attraction was immediate and grew and grew and grew over the course of the book. The chemistry is there and the love comes as surely as the sun each morning." 

     ~ Flippin' Pages, 5 stars



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