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The Insider's Guide

For How To Read

Secret Life of Scoundrels

Capturing the Carlisles


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Whenever I'm out at a book signing or reader event, I always get asked, "What book should I read first?" That's a much harder question to answer than it seems on the surface. Why? Because I have tons of prologues, epilogues, short stories, and other bits that go along with the two series which were not published along with the books. But I think each one provides part of an interesting backstory or connecting event that readers might want to have first-hand knowledge about.


So I've put together an Insider's Guide for how to read the books and all the wonderful other bits without missing out on any of the fun. Just follow the titles and links below (all the extras can be accessed here or on my Extras page). Even if you've read all my books (thank you!), you might find a bit or two here that you've missed. And there are all kinds of additional deleted scenes and info about the books on my Extras page.


                                                                                                                                                                        Happy reading!

Please note -- most of the links below open as pdf files.

1. Read the special extended prologue to the Secret Life of Scoundrels series 

2. Read all of Book 1 -- DUKES ARE FOREVER


3. Then read the special epilogue found only online -- Thomas is Shot 


4. Prologue -- Grey is Wounded in Battle 


5. Plunge into all of Book 2 -- ALONG CAME A ROGUE


6. Enjoy Grey's visit to the War Office in this epilogue 


7. There are several prologues to give backstory to Josie and Thomas's romance, including one about the day she was adopted by the Carlisles, her confrontation with the orphanage manageress, and the night the highwayman claims his first victim...


8. Devour Book 3 -- HOW I MARRIED A MARQUESS 


9. While still enjoying the romance of true love, discover one more scoundrel...Book 4 novella -- ONCE A SCOUNDREL

(A brief note: This would be a great time to reflect on all those dashing scoundrels from the first series with a cup of tea and a few biscuits. I'll wait for you to return...)


Because the Carlisles possess too much energy and wild antics to be contained to only one book, I gave them their own series...


1. Read the Prologue to Book 1 -- IF THE DUKE DEMANDS as it's published in the book. Before you read on to chapter 1, though, read...


2. 2nd prologue -- The Funeral


3. Short Story -- "How the Duke Stole Christmas"


4. Then go back to the book and start reading at Chapter 1. Enjoy...until you finish chapter 8. 


5. When you finish chapter 8, read this deleted scene at the pond 


6. Then finish the book  :) Isn't Shakespeare simply wonderful?


7. Dive into Book 2 -- WHEN THE SCOUNDREL SINS


8. While still pondering the meaning of love, enjoy this Carlisle short story -- "Once Upon a Frost Fair" 


9. Gleefully savor Mariah's and Robert's battles in Book 3 -- AS THE DEVIL DARES


Whew! and that will take you completely through both series, with all kinds of other juicy bits thrown in for good measure. There are also lots of other scenes, etc. available on my website on the Extras page, and you might be interested in those when you're finished reading the books.


 ♥ Enjoy!!


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