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Series Premise:


            The two branches of the Carlisle family—the sons of the late Duke of Trent and their cousins, the sons of the late Earl of Spalding—are as different in personality as in appearance. But all five men refuse to let anything keep them from getting what they want: power, position, wealth…and especially the women who dare to capture their hearts.

The Carlile Brothers...

          Known as the scourge of Lincolnshire and the favorite subject of society gossip, the Carlisle brothers and sons of the first Duke of Trent are infamous for their wild natures, charm, and golden good looks. But when their father passes away, the three men who once enjoyed nothing more than having a good time and striking fear into the hearts of marriage-minded mamas suddenly find themselves becoming serious gentlemen in order to carry on their father’s legacy—Sebastian, the new Duke of Trent, must uphold the family legacy by marrying a respectable society lady who understands her place as countess, but his plans are thwarted by the provocative woman chasing after his younger brother; Quinton’s resolve to prove himself by acquiring an estate abroad is endangered by a woman who is desperate to hold on to hers in the Scottish borderlands; and Robert is determined to find financial success through a partnership with one of England’s largest shipping companies, which can only be achieved by providing a season for the owner’s spinster daughter, who wants the partnership for herself.

And the Carlisle Cousins...

            The Carlisle cousins are famous for their brooding and handsome dark looks, their dedication to family and country, and their charismatic magnetism with the ladies. Although much more subtle and refined than their cousins, their desires to make their mark in society—and their insatiable desires with women—still land them in plenty of trouble. What society doesn’t know, however, is that Ross Carlisle, Earl of Spalding, and his younger brother Christopher are leading secret lives within the ton. In public, Ross is a dedicated peer, but privately, he sets his passions free by being a painter scandalously famous for his scantily clad female figures, his notorious affairs, and his disreputable lifestyle. Christopher uses the disguise of being a peer’s shiftless younger brother to hide his dangerous work as a secret agent for the Home Office, often risking life and limb in his dedication to his country. But Ross’s sense of honor leads to a forced marriage which threatens both his secret and public lives, and Kit isn’t prepared for the obstacle standing between him and his relentless pursuit of the man who killed his partner…a very beautiful obstacle.

...Finally Meet Their Matches.

            England--and their hearts--will never be the same again.

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