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               "She loved books. Oh, how could anyone not? The way they smelled of pulp and rainy afternoons, the soft scratch of the paper beneath her fingertip as she turned the pages, all the wonderful knowledge and adventures held within their covers just waiting to be discovered—she loved everything about them. But most of all, she loved the way they had always brought her comfort..."

~ When the Scoundrel Sins


"Anna Harrington has a strong affinity for writing books that have intricate plotting accompanied by lots of heart-racing events.  Her works move at a rapid pace even while building well defined stories full of detail and depth." 
     ~ Jenerated Reviews

"Harrington's emotionally gripping Regency-era debut is ripe with drama and sizzling romance... intense and skillfully written, complete with plenty of romance angst that propels the novel swiftly forward. This new author is definitely one to watch." 

     ~ Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"Harrington creates fast-paced, lively romances with unconventional characters and plot...There is little doubt that she is fast becoming a fan favorite.

     ~  RT Book Review

"Consider me a freshly minted fan of Harrington’s style of happy ever after."


"If you want to know what romance feels like read an Anna Harrington book.  This author could elicit dreamy sighs in even the most unromantic person in the world as she lovingly doles out tingles and butterflies with her talented pen. Readers will happily surrender to falling in love…

     ~ Jenerated Reviews


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