Summertime and the Living is Easy

August 16, 2015

So, with the dreaded return-to-school next week, summer is now officially over. I am sad to see it go (and not just because I have to go back to campus). This past summer I made a "Summer To-Do" list and worked my way through all those wonderful summer activities I remembered doing as a kid. My list?


1) Ice cream on the porch on a Sunday afternoon--Oh, this was the easiest of all and one which was completed before the first week of May ended. And several times since. Ben & Jerry's rocks! My new fav flav--The Tonight Dough. Oh, this one was followed quickly by the not-listed summer diet. :(


2) Campfire and S'mores -- just as much fun as I remember, but then, how can playing with fire, devouring s'mores, and running around in the dark with pointed sticks NOT be fun? A new discovery--smear peanut butter on the graham cracker before adding the chocolate squares...OMG!!!


3) Catching lightning bugs -- The neighbors now think I'm mad. Again.


4) Playing in the dirt -- Gardening...the excuse adults make for playing in the dirt and mud. :)


5) Star gazing -- I finished my list last week with the meteor shower, lying on a blanket in the back yard and staring up at the stars, waiting for the shooting stars to go streaking across the sky. They did not disappoint. At midnight on Wednesday, I saw over 10 meteors in half an hour, some with amazing, long-lasting tails that shot across the sky, and others which were gone in a flash. It made me long for those nights on the farm in Indiana where I grew up, with no city lights nearby and millions of stars in a black sky. The world was so much bigger then, with so much possibility.


And *that* was what I realized I was trying to recapture from my summer of "To-Do" activities...the newness and innocence of childhood, when the world is so very big and summer lasts forever. I didn't get summer to last forever this year, but not for lack of trying. And had a darn good time in the process.

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