10 Facts About


1. Thomas was originally envisioned as a viscount, his father an earl. They were promoted for the final draft.

2. Richard Carlisle tells a story about how Josie once rode her pony into the house. That was based on something I actually did as a child. I had to go to the bathroom and there was no place to tie up my pony, so I rode him right up the front steps, through the front door and into the living room, where he waited patiently. Then we rode right back out. We were finally caught that night when mom saw hoof prints on the rug. Like Josie, I escaped punishment.

4. Chestnut Hill is modeled after the beautiful brick house at the Dixon  Gardens in Memphis, TN.

3. Some of the background characters who appear in the series—Lady Agnes Sinclair, Mrs. Peterson, the Earl of St. James and his mother, Baroness Rowland, Lady Gantry, etc.—are from a yet unpublished series called The Sons of St. James.

5. Mrs. Potter, the one-time manageress of the Good Hope Orphanage, was named after the Counting Crows song, “Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby.”

6. The original name for Simon Royston, Earl Royston, was the Earl of Bletchley. This name was taken from Bletchley Park, and (nothing against the government agency who helped end WWII) I thought it held just the right amount of “disgust” sound in the name for the villain. Unfortunately, it was changed—can’t remember why—and is now the name of the neighbor who tries to come between Belle and Quinton in WHEN THE SCOUNDREL SINS, Book 2 of the Capturing the Carlisles series.

7. When I envision the Carlisle brothers, I think of the Hemsworth brothers. (Except without the Australian accent!)

8. If a peer was convicted of treason, his title and all his property was forfeiting to the crown. His wife, heir, and dependents would be left penniless and homeless, and they would most likely find a way to leave England where the cloud of scandal would be less likely to follow them and perhaps even change their names, if possible.

9. Josie was named after my pet. (The novel was dedicated to her, too.)

10. To summarize the dynamic between the three Carlisle brothers, as Robert says in As the Devil Dares (Book 3 in Capturing the Carlisles), “I was always the one who caused the most trouble, the one who was always thinking up the pranks, planning all the games and wagers. Quinton would agree with whatever wild scheme I’d concocted. Sebastian would go along to keep us from killing ourselves or any innocent bystanders and so we’d have someone who looked responsible enough to talk us out of whatever sticky situation in which we’d fallen.”